pink 4.0b

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pink 4.0b

Postby emski88 » 29 Oct 2011, 14:47

hi, I was asked to have a look at a friends ghd's as they have stopped working completely. I have changed the R8 as this is what I thought was the original problem but this still hasn't solved the problem so I've had a closer look and realised that the thermistor has become detached from the plate will this cause them not turn on or is there another problem?

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Re: pink 4.0b

Postby gary » 31 Oct 2011, 19:52


Firstly have you confirmed they are genuine? The B in 4.0B normally means black, so the fact that they are pink is odd!

A detached thermistor will cause them to overheat and trip the thermal fuse.

New heaters with thermistor are available here: ... thermistor


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