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by Fixit
26 Feb 2015, 11:47
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Topic: Great advice and great service
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Great advice and great service

GHDs mk5 were dead, reading the troubleshooter guide lead me to an open R11 resistor and a blown thermal fuse. The advice was that these don't go for nothing so a little further disassembly revealed a cracked ceramic element. I went for the easy option and ordered a new element assembly. The R11 was...
by Fixit
12 Jan 2011, 21:10
Forum: GHD 3.1B
Topic: Crackling, constant LED light.
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Re: Crackling, constant LED light.

Sounds like the cable swivel connection is loose. The crackling is likely to be electricity arcing. If you continue to switch on before repair you are likely to blow the R8 fuse.......I have just replaced one, ans fixed the loose swivel connection. Check out T...
by Fixit
12 Jan 2011, 20:56
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Topic: Well done Gary
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Well done Gary

R8 Cpacitor arrived very quickly despite the post being a nightmare at the moment. Fitted the R8 in just 10 minutes, and worked like magic!! :D

No doubt that my daughters pals will all be round with their broken GHD's now!!!!!

Thanks for your help and thanks for a great website.

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